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Some of the writing of which I’ve been most proud was commissioned for the thoughtful and elegant magazine – Slow Living. It doesn’t have an online presence but you can go back through past issues and order them if you’d like to treat yourself.

Below is some journalism and commentary…

Here’s a recent piece from the travel pages of The Australian. It’s about my favourite island.

From the Sydney Morning Herald – Parks are Arks – a cry from the heart.

This is a reflection on love, loss and Christmas from December 2015.

On indigenous languages and the words we might need to learn.

The philosophy of falling….

Something to honour the gift of sadness.

This piece was published in the Fairfax papers on October 14th, 2012. I was grateful for the opportunity to celebrate loving in the face of loss. And to celebrate mothers.

Good Things End – Wheeler Centre Dailies



Bell Shakespeare opened a production of The Duchess of Malfi at the Sydney Opera House on July 11th, 2012. It was directed by John Bell, and was adapted by Hugh Colman and…Ailsa Piper.

Because it’s riddled with sins, I thought I would put a link up here so that if you are interested in theatrical transgressions, you can see what drew me to it.

This extended piece was in the Australian newspaper:


And here is their review.

2 thoughts on “Other writing

  1. I know I am late in reading this book but only found it 2 weeks ago
    Loved Sinning across Spain
    One of the best books I have read – was sad happy inspiring and funny all rolled into one and couldn’t believe my luck in actually meeting you at the Byron Bay writers festival
    I didn’t go in 2012 when you were there as my dad was very ill and died the week after the festival
    He was the most caring beautiful man and if there was a blueprint for a great father they would have picked him
    I miss him so much and not a day goes past when I don’t think of him
    Look forward to your new book for next year
    Love the way you write from the heart

    • Hi Deb. How lovely of you to write, and to seek me out at the festival and here. You are so generous. I’m so sorry about your Dad. We are lucky to have had kind fathers. A fortunate backbone to our lives. I’m sure he walks with you. Go gently, and I hope I might meet you again in Byron next year. X

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