How to buy the book

Sinning Across Spain can be purchased from my publishers, Melbourne University Press,  via this link:                                                              It’s available there as an e-book and as a paperback.

The paperback gets around!

Recently it was caught in Hobart, snuggling in at the MONA accommodation, getting friendly with an original Brett Whiteley!

Why does it keep on leaving me behind?

The eBook can also be purchased from:


I don’t have any photos of the e-book yet. Care to oblige?

5 thoughts on “How to buy the book

    • Gracias, Warwick. Muchas gracias. I’d know that face anywhere!
      It still looks lovely, doesn’t it? I’m very glad to know that the beautiful work of Trish, the designer, is still in evidence on the e-book. I do think her cover is splendid. It makes me happy just to look at it.
      And it makes me happy and grateful to receive your comments and the picture. Thank you again. So kind.

  1. Hi Ailsa, I got your book from someone who has also walked across Spain. She is from Melbourne Australia and her name is Laurie. Her father lives here in Canada and she left the book here. She told us about her journey and it wasn’t until I read your book that I fully understood what she went through. I couldn’t wait to read each chapter to see where you would be or who you would meet. Thank you for the journey.

    • Thanks so much Judy. It is lovely to think that the book is having its own camino, and that it has found its way so very far in the world. Thanks to you and to laurie. Buen camino. xxxx

  2. Hi Ailsa, I got your book from a girl named Laurie who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She visits her father here in Canada and he goes to our church. She also did the walk across Spain and she told us about it at church. It wasn’t until I read your book that I really got the full picture. I couldn’t wait to read each chapter to see where your would be and the people you met. Thank you for the journey.

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